Miss Earth Mauritius 2015

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Miss Earth Mauritius 2015

Katia Moochooram was crowned Miss Earth Mauritius 2015 at the conclusion of the pageant, held on September 26. She will now represent Mauritius at the 2015 Miss Earth pageant, to be held on December 5th in Vienna, Austria.

Katia Moochooram was crowned Miss Earth Mauritius 2015

Official Results

Miss Earth Mauritius 2015 – Katia Moochooram

1st runner-up/ Miss Air Mauritius 2015 – Julia Moussa

2nd runner-up/ Miss Water Mauritius 2015 –: Leithycia Soulange

3rd runner-up/ Miss Fire Mauritius 2015 – Nuzhah Muradali

Katia loves to travel, and it is her dream to explore the lives and cultures of different countries. The final of Miss. Earth Mauritius 2015 was a grand celebration of celebration and saw some prominent faces of Mauritius. The parade invited the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Anerood Jugnauth, to the show. He received a Lifetime Award for protecting the environment and working on the country’s environmental benefits. At the same event, Julia Moussa was named Miss. Air Leithycia Soulange was named Miss. Water 2015, Nuzah Muradali was named Miss. They awarded fire and Anjali Bye Miss. Photogenic.

Mauritius has chosen their best winner this year and Katia will be a strong shot at the Miss. Earth 2015 parade. However, 2015 brings the best Miss. Earth representatives from all countries to the fore and the spectacle will not be easy. The early favorites for the Miss. Earth 2015 title are – Estefania Muñoz from Colombia, Angelia Ong from Philippines, Chavika Watrsang from Thailand, just to name a few.

The Miss. Earth 2015 competition will be a tough nut to crack and it will be a pleasure to watch. Returning to your valuable feedback, where do you see Katia on the Miss. Earth 2015 parade?

Do you think she has what it takes to be the next Miss. Earth?

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