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Karlie Hay Is Miss Texas Teen USA 2016

Miss. Texas Karlie Hay Crowned Miss. Teen USA 2016
Written by Emily Austin

Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet Your New Miss. Teen USA.
Of the 51 gorgeous participants, Miss. Texas Teen Karlie Hay surprised the jury like no one else with her brains, talent, and beauty Saturday night at the annual beauty contest at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

Although there were plenty of reasons to celebrate the final moments of the live broadcast, Karlie and all the finalists went on for an entire weekend before they crowned a winner. Miss. Texas’ most difficult task may even have come during the Q&A section. Musician and judge Savannah Keyes wanted to know what the future president should tackle with teenagers first.

“Peer pressure,” Karlie said to a sold-out audience before she started drinking, drugs, and partying. “The next president must face this problem and tell teenagers that you must be yourself and be a leader and the next Miss. Teen USA must be a leader.”

The Solid Answer, Right?
The answer was enough for Miss. Texas to win second place in Miss. North Carolina, Emily Wakeman and second place in Miss. South Carolina, Marley Stokes. Miss. Alabama and Miss. Nevada completes the top five.

So what did the participants experience during the show? 51 ladies quickly turned into 15 semi-finalists at the start of the broadcast. Shortly thereafter, the young women were asked to wear Tapout athletic clothing and evening dresses before they revealed the last five.

For those who don’t remember, the organizers announced the end of the swimsuit competition for a brand-new clothing competition. The decision came to show support for feminism and equality.

They also focused many eyes on Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley who represented the state of Tennessee.

While the reality star reached the semifinals, jury members included Total Divas star Eva Marie, journalist Lu Parker and former beauty contest Queens Keylee Sanders and Hilary Cruz could not bring her to the top five.

“Whatever the outcome … I am enormously blessed with great new friendships,” Savannah wrote on Instagram before tonight’s live broadcast. “I will never stop trying to make a difference in this world.”

Miss. Teen USA 2016 Complete Results

Top 5 Finalists Of Competition Miss. Teen USA 2016

  1. Winner- Texas- Karlie Hay
  2. First Runner Up- North Carolina – Emily Wakeman
  3. Second Runner Up- South Carolina – Marley Stokes
  4. Third Runner Up- Alabama – Erin Snow
  5. Fourth Runner Up- Nevada – Carissa Morrow

Top 15 Semi-Finalists Of Miss. Teen USA 2016 Competition

  1. Alabama- Erin Snow
  2. California-Athenna Crosby
  3. Delaware-Emily Hutchison
  4. Georgia-Bentley Wright
  5. Illinois-Olivia Pura
  6. Louisiana-Ellie Picone
  7. Missouri-Dallas Ezard
  8. Nevada-Carissa Morrow
  9. North Carolina-Emily Wakeman
  10. Ohio-Olivia Turk
  11. South Dakota-Makenzie Falcon
  12. South Carolina-Marley Stokes
  13. Tennessee-Savannah Chrisley
  14. Texas-Karlie Hay
  15. Vermont-Tammy Vujanovic

Special Awards Of Miss. Teen USA 2016 Competition

  1. Most Artistic- Louisiana-Ellie Picone
  2. Most Likely to be a Reality Star- Tennessee-Savannah Chrisley
  3. Class Clown- California-Athenna Crosby
  4. Best Smile- Alabama- Erin Snow
  5. Most Unique- Hawaii- Joahnnalee Ucol
  6. Most Likely To Become President- South Dakota-Makenzie Falcon
  7. Most Outgoing- Rhode Island- Malia Cruz
  8. Best Hair- Georgia- Bentley Wright
  9. Most Athletic- Nevada- Carissa Morrow
  10. Celebrity Look Alike- Texas- Karlie Hay
  11. Best Laugh- Washington- Clarie Wright
  12. Best Dressed- Mississippi-Lauren Rymer
  13. Best Eyes- New Jersey-Gina Mellish

Miss. Texas Karlie Hay Crowned Miss. Teen USA 2016.

Karlie Hay Biography

Karlie Denise Hay (born December 12, 1997) is an American model and beauty contest titleholder who was crowned Miss. Teen USA 2016. She is the first Texan to win the crown since 2011.

Early Life
Hay was born on December 12, 1997, in Tomball, Texas. As a child, some family members had to deal with alcoholism and drug abuse. She graduated from Tomball High School in 2016, where she was a cheerleader. Before winning Miss. Teen USA, Hay planned to visit Texas A&M University to study business.

Miss. Texas Teen USA 2016
Hay represented Kemah at the Miss. Texas Teen USA 2016 parade. On November 29, 2015, she was crowned the winner by outgoing titleholder Chloe Kembel and beat the first song Thekla McCarthy from La Grange.
Miss. Teen USA 2016

On July 30, 2016, they crowned Hay Miss. Teen USA 2016 by outgoing titleholder Katherine Haik. She defeated first number two Emily Wakeman from North Carolina.

Almost immediately after Hay’s award as Miss. Teen USA 2016, screenshots of her 2013 and 2014 Twitter accounts were released with Hay repeatedly saying “nigga” and “nigger”. This caused indignation among fans who accused Hay of racism. Miss. Teen USA 2010 Kamie Crawford condemned Hay for not clearing her Twitter account before becoming a public figure. Hay apologized on her Twitter account for what she calls language that she “is not proud of and that there is no excuse for it.”

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