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Deshauna Barber is Miss District of Columbia USA 2016

Deshauna Barber is Miss District of Columbia USA 2016
Written by Emily Austin

Deshauna Barber was crowned Miss District of Columbia USA 2016 by outgoing titleholder Lizzy Olsen at the end of the pageant, held on December 19, 2015 at the Renaissance Washington Downtown Hotel. She will now represent her state at the 2016 Miss USA pageant, where she hopes to be crowned by the reigning Miss USA Olivia Jordan from Oklahoma.

Previously, she was the representative of Virginia at Miss International 2011. On official website, we can read her presentation

What’s your guilty pleasure?
I am faithful to my day planner. Growing up, I would procrastinate and then have everything pile up at the last minute. Now, I immediately put all important assignments, activities and appointments in my planner with my own system for identifying level of importance.

Share something that someone would never guess about you.
I come from a blended family which includes me, my sister, younger brother, half-brother, step-sister, dad and my stepmom; and we all look alike so no one ever knows we’re blended. We are a close family that believes in service to our country and commitment to each other.

Describe your dream vacation?
Woodbridge Virginia is an amazing city and holds a lot of history. One of my favorite places is Belmont Bay which holds the “End of the Water Marker” for the Potomac river. One of the first settlements in Virginia traveled through this water before landing in Prince William County.

What color describes you and why?
My worst habit is not going to sleep at “normal hours” such as 9pm and 10pm. On an average day I’m awake until 2am. I am more focused and can concentrate better without distractions at night but it makes those 5am wake calls a little tougher.

What would your theme song be for walking into a room?
My best childhood memories are of spending time with my younger brother. We are ten months apart and were inseparable as children. We spent a lot of time outside exploring nature and climbing a LOT of trees. It didn’t matter what we did, as long as we were together.


Official Results

Miss DC USA 2016 – Deshauna Barber
1st runner-up – Kara McCullough
2nd runner-up – Colby Muhammad
3rd runner-up – Sierra Hadley
4th runner-up – Alexis Becton

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